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Metal roofing and siding will typically last 2-3 times longer then other conventional roofing applications.  In most cases conventional asphalt roofs will last anywhere from 12-20 years, while metal roofs often last longer then 40+ years.  With ever improving coatings and paint finishes, the lifespan of a metal roof continues to improve.  Metal roof warranties are usually based on "Paint Fade".  The assumption is that metal itself is a lifetime material and therefore when you buy a metal roof you will not get a better warranty with any other roof.

#1. Longer Lifespan
      With continuous improvements to paint finishes and steel substrates, the lifespan of a metal roof is 2-3 times longer then other conventional roofing applictions. The lifespan of a conventional asphalt roof, regardless of its warranty period, is 12 to 17 years. However a metal roof should last over 60  


#2. Lifetime Warranty
       Metal roof warranties are usually on "Paint Fade". The assumption is that the metal itself is a lifetime material. When you buy metal

       roofing, you will not get a better warranty with any other roof. Again, keep in mind warranties are based on the paint finish.

#3. Low Maintenance
       Maintenance? What Maintenance?? Exactly, There is NONE! Well Ok, you may have some...but it will either be cleaning off debris like  

       leaves or dirt/dust, or possible damage resulting from some external force like a falling tree.

#4. Cool
       A metal roof will reflect 25% to over 60% of the sun's radiant heat due to the coatings added to many metals used for roofing. And as a

       result, you save a ton with lower energy expenses!

#5. Last Roof
       If you plan to be in your home less than 60 years, then your metal roof will certainly outlast you. Most people who know this business

       claim that when you buy metal roofing, it is very likely the last roof you will ever need to purchase.

#6. Durability Unmatched
       There is no better product you can choose to protect your home from the elements! Metal roofing will resist just about any weather or  

       storm issue you can throw at it. In snow country, metal roofing also performs very well shedding snow and ice more quickly than any 

       other roofing material. It will do just fine in any environment.

#7. Green
      Green built and recyclable, metal is environmentally friendly. When you are finished it, you can recycle it for continued use - no need to

      send it to the landfill with the asphalt shingles.

#8. Energy Efficient
       Metal reflects heat away in the summer and keeps heat in better during winter months. With certain coatings, metal will even reflect at

       least 25% of radiant heat using our dark color panels, and over 60% with light colored products.

#9. Less Noise
       Some feel metal roofing is noisier than a conventional roof. This may happen when no solid substrate or decking is used on which to 

       apply the metal material. This may be the case in a barn or an all-metal building where you can see the underside of your roof from the 

       inside. However, in a residential setting there are several layers applied, each acting as added sound barriers and reducing noise.
       In most cases, a plywood or ASB decking is applied over the roof rafters on which your roofing materials are laid. This will add strength to

       your structure as well as reduce the noise level from the rain and other exterior noises. In addition, there is an underlayment
       applied to the decking material as well as a layer of insulation. And in many cases, there is an attic area between the living space and  

       the rooftop, all of which act as additional sound barriers. Most metal roofing is in fact usually quieter than a conventional roof.

        While it is a personal opinion, it seems the general consensus is that most metal roofs simply look better than asphalt shingles! For  

        example, you can use a standing seam style for a clean, contemporary look.

       Why buy metal roofing? It provides you with a wide range of styles, colours and material that match no other. Your choices in design  

       include the look of shake shingle, tile of various kinds, and even a slate look-a-like to name a few design choices.   
       When it comes to colour, each manufacturer has their list of choices, which range from a handful each, to twenty or more for each profile.

       remember, the lighter the colour the greater your reflectivity and therefore the cooler your interior space.
       In the area of materials available, you have many choices. The range of material will have more serious impact on your budget  

       considerations. Galvanized metal will impact your pocket book least with copper being your most expensive. A medium range will be
       steel and aluminum-coated materials. All will last a lifetime. What it comes down to is the style and color you prefer.

        Since metal roofing is lightweight, it can be added to an existing roof with less impact than recovering with asphalt shingles. In fact,

        there are many advantages to having a lightweight roof, which is both strong and durable as well.

        Why buy metal roofing? Your return on investment (ROI) will vary dependent on the type of metal roof you select, and how soon you 

        sell after installation. However, when it comes to ROI, a new metal roof is second to a kitchen remodel for the highest ROI, and for 


        Your metal roof is not only very resistant to the elements, but also to fire. A Class 'A' fire rating is the highest you can achieve. While this

        may be more important in fire prone areas, it is still a large factor if you are concerned about protecting your home as much as possible.

        Why buy metal roofing? Because of the strength, toughness, durability, but mainly the Class 'A' fire rating. Many insurance companies

        will give you a discount in your premium for having a metal roof.

        Again, because of many of the benefits listed here, a metal roof is applicable in any climate. Sure they are more popular in some areas  

        than in others. But due to the many options now available, its durability and top fire rating, metal roofing can be used anywhere people

        find a place they call home.

       It's simply a myth that metal roofing attracts lightning. You have no more lightning strikes on a metal roof than you do of an asphalt

       shingle or conventional roof.

        Many metal roofs test for a Class 'A' wind resistance, which means they can survive as much as 240 mph winds.

       Metal is used in many applications because of its durability, toughness, and other characteristics mentioned above. Since metal is used 

       in these ways, think of how effective it will be on your roof.
       Metal is used for airplanes, buses and cars. It is used by Aerospace, Boeing and Caterpillar. It is used for Transport trucks, trains,  

       xylophones and zambonies. From A to Z, we can see that to buy metal roofing is the best choice of any roof you can purchase.

       And finally...

     Excessive Heat, Moisture, Hail, Corrosion, Rain Thunderstorms, Blizzards, Hurricanes, AND it resists direct bombardment of the sun's UV  

     rays.  And Metal doesn't simply 'resist' these elements, IT RESISTS THEM FOR 50+ YEARS!
     Metal will shed snow and ice.
     Metal will not warp, split, rot or crack, and is not affected by bugs or other insects. It resists mildew or other stains, and birds do not tend

     to nest in it.
     Metal roofing is environmentally frienly, recyclable, green and energy-efficient. It offers long-lasting protection, keeps your home cooler in

     summer and warmer in winter, and keeps our planet greener.
     What more could you possibly ask for?



Metal roofing and siding in general are low maintenance once proper installation has been completed.  


Low Maintenance


Metal roofing and siding products have been widely used on commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings for decades.  The durability and longevity which steel provides, paired with the ease of install and cost effectiveness of todays standard steel roofing and siding profiles make it an easy choice.  With continuously improving paint systems being applied to steel substrates, the options are endless and with both exposed and hidden fastener systems in place, metal roofing is now an ideal choice for residential projects as well.  Typically metal roofing and siding provides a significantly longer lifespan then other conventional products used in the roofing and siding market.  Continue reading below for all the benefits metal roofing and siding can offer. 

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