Standard Flashing Series

3/8" Series

Low Rib Panel

Mesa Panel

1-1/2" Series

12-36 Panel

12-36 Reverse Panel

7/8" Series

7/8" Corrugated Panel

VersaFrame Inc. operates brakes and shears at all of it's manufacturing locations across Western Canada.  Each of our locations is capable of producing almost any kind of flashing your project requires in 10' lengths. 

The following pages include recommended and commonly used flashing for each of our profiles on typical 4/12 roof pitches. 

If you require custom flashing, simply provide us with your drawing and measurements and we'll take care of the rest. 

Standard and custom flashing is available in all gauges and colors which we carry. 

3/4" Series

9-36 Panel

Diamond Rib Panel

Diamond Rib Reverse Panel

Common Standard Flashing

Ridge Roll/Cap - Used to close off peaks of roof

Gable - Used horizontally where length side of roof panel meets wall panel below

Eave - Used to hide rafter end where roof slightly overhangs top of wall

Drip - Used to seal above window or door and bottom of panel above

Base - Used as a starter strip for panels at bottom of building

J Trim - Used as a cap for panel edges, typically around windows and doors

Outside Corner - Used vertically on outside corners of building

Inside Corner - Used vertically on inside corners of building

Valley - Prevents leaks where two roof slopes create a valley

Side/End Wall - Used to prevent leaks between upper side walls and roof sheets

Snow Stop - Prevents snow buildup from sliding off roof, typically used above windows and doorways