PVC Liner Panel

Ridge Cap

- 36" panel coverage with 9/16" ribs on 3" centres
- Available in white only


PVC panels are an alternative liner package option.  They can be used as wall liners in new construction, or in retrofitting or upgrading older wood lined buildings such as dairy/hog/poultry barns, riding arenas, meat packaging/food processing facilities, storage facilities, kennels, marinas and car washes.

- 24" panel coverage
- Span: 2" on centre
- Available in 10'6" lengths
- Available in clear only

Poly ridge lite panels are an alternative to traditional metal ridge caps.  Similar to polycarbonate panels, they allow light to pass through, directly into your building.


Polycarbonate panels offer high performance glazing that stands up to punishing exterior applications.  They offer multiple advantages over traditional fibreglass corrugated panels, including greater impact resistance, low yellowing index, high light transmission, high load rating and high resistance to wind uplift.  Ideal for greenhouses, office partitions, canopies, carports, sunrooms, vertical glazing, metal buildings, patio covers more.

- 36" panel coverage
- 3/4" trapezoidal ribs on 9' centers
- Available in 16' and 20' lengths
- Available in clear only