Butyl Tape

Our line of metal sealants includes a superior waterproof caulking which has excellent adhesion to coated metal surfaces, plastics and glass.


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Expandable foam tape is the ideal filler in compression joints and is suitable for use against metal, plastic, wood and other common building materials.  It is supplied with a self adhesive on one side for easy installation and expands one full inch from 1/4" thick to 1-1/4" thickness.

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Expandable Foam

Butyl tape is essential for sealing between laps on low slope roofs as well as around windows, doors, roof vents, stacks, access doors and other small openings where water may penetrate. We offer high quality metal to metal sealing tape that comes in easy to release paper rolls for easy installation.  Our butyl tape products can be easily cut and provide a long lasting weather seal.

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While sealants are a small part of construction, they are vital to the energy efficiency and integrity of your building.  We carry a full line of sealant products that are made with the highest quality materials for proven performance you can count on.  As with all of our products they are designed specifically for easy installation, superior performance, and tremendous value.